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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska

Hey music lovers! Omaha's own folk scene is getting a WARM glow with Andrea von Kampen hitting up The Waiting Room Lounge on Dec 17th. Picture this - cozy vibes, heart-tugging MELODIES, and the kinda voice that feels like home. Trust me, you wanna catch this.

Saw her live? Then you KNOW it's an experience. The room brims with her storytelling - it's pure and POWERFUL. Haven't heard her? "Portland" will cut deep; "Let Me Down Easy" is poetry in motion. This show? It's the real deal – a slice of Nebraska soul served up LIVE and INTIMATE.

She crafts these lush landscapes with her lyrics, right? And when the guitar chords hit – you FEEL every note. It's a whole journey through sound in one night. A night you'll vibe to, sing along with, and talk about.

Ready to be swept away? Tickets are calling your name. Make sure you snag 'em before they're GONE. It's not just a concert – it's Andrea von Kampen in her element, and you're gonna wanna be there. Hit up the box office, grab that ticket, and see you there! 🎢🎀

### Concert Summary

Hey y'all, get ready to have your souls touched and your hearts warmed 'cause Andrea von Kampen's bringing her one-of-a-kind folk vibes over to Omaha this chill December evening. We're talking about an evening where the melodies are as haunting as they are beautiful, where each strum of the guitar feels like a gentle knock on the door of your emotions. Andrea's got this uncanny ability to turn a simple concert into a storytelling session that just, I dunno, envelops you. It's like each chord progression, each poetic lyric – it's all been tailor-made just for that moment with you in mind. Folk music fans, you know the drill – it's gonna be intimate, it'll be like catching up with an old friend you've never met but always knew. Trust me, you're gonna feel every ounce of passion spilling off that stage at The Waiting Room Lounge.

### About Andrea von Kampen

Andrea's no stranger to the limelight, y'know? She's been racking up the accolades, streaming numbers that make your head spin, and let's not forget her NPR Tiny Desk Contest that pretty much put her on the map. When Andrea performs, it's not just a "show," it's this raw experience – you feel like she's singing just for you. And, I gotta be honest, it's almost eerie how she can make a full room of chattering folks go pin-drop silent the minute she starts with her acoustic magic. If you've heard her albums, then you already have a taste of that powerful voice and those thought-provoking lyrics, but live? It's a whole different beast, my friends. Emotions not just heard, but felt – that's the Andrea von Kampen concert promise.

### The Waiting Room Lounge - NE Information

Alright, if you've been to The Waiting Room Lounge, you know it's got this vibe – not too pretentious, not too dive-y. Just right smack in the happy middle. Nestled in Omaha's vibrant Benson neighborhood, it's the kind of joint where memories are brewed, where the beer flows as freely as the melodies. The staff's as cool as they come, and they've got a knack for making patrons feel right at home. Plus, you can't beat the acoustics of this place – feels like they were designed by someone who knows the soul of Omaha's music scene by heart.

### Ticket Information

Don't even get me started on the hassle of ticket buying. But, here's the deal – if you hit up the box office, sure, you might get lucky. But let's be real – why gamble when you got a sure bet? Check out Ticket Squeeze. Talk about your low prices and even lower fees. It's like they understand that we'd rather put our hard-earned cash towards more concerts than service charges, am I right?

So, here's the bottom line – if you wanna hear some folk music that hits deep and a night that's gonna stick with you, then do yourself a favor and snag those tickets. December 17 ain't waiting for no one, and trust me, Andrea von Kampen at The Waiting Room Lounge is gonna be the talk of Omaha. Don't be the one hearing about it secondhand. Go to Ticket Squeeze, get your tickets, and I'll see you there – it's gonna be one for the books.

Andrea von Kampen at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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