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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska

Hey Omaha music lovers! 🎵

Mark your calendars for a CHILL evening - because on December 8, 2023, Clarence Tilton is hitting up The Waiting Room Lounge! Americana at its finest, right in the heart of Benson.

These guys know how to fuse country twang with rock 'n' roll. Their live shows? Iconic. Imagine the strum of the guitar, the raw, soulful lyrics filling the room... It's not just a concert; it's a vibe, an EXPERIENCE.

Remember "Midnight Tremolo"? That's just a taste. Live, it's a whole other beast. They'll strum out the HITS and get us lost in their melodic storytelling.

It's not just music; it's a jam session with friends you've never met.

Don't wait on grabbing tickets – every concert-goer knows the regret of a sold-out show.

Ready for a night of foot-stomping, heart-thumping magic? Join me.

Let's pack The Waiting Room! Grab your tickets TODAY and let's make it UNFORGETTABLE. 🎟️🤘 #ClarenceTiltonLive #OmahaConcerts

### Concert Summary

Hey hey, all you Americana aficionados and live music junkies! Circle December 8, 2023, on your calendars with your favourite pen 'cause that's the night Clarence Tilton is set to take over The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska, and let me just say – it is going to stir up a twang fest like no other.

When you saunter into the heart of a Clarence Tilton concert, you're not just stepping into a venue; you're diving into an ocean of steel guitars, heartfelt lyrics, and a vibe that's about as authentic as a Nebraska cornfield. Expect to be swept up in rhythms that get your boots tapping, ballads that might just squeeze a tear or two outta ya, and a sense of camaraderie among the crowd that's thicker than the stoutest of brews.

But it ain't just about the music, y'all. It's the entire experience! The aroma of a nearby fan's beer, the buzz of the neon lights, the way every cheer seems to echo your own enthusiasm. This is live music the way it's meant to be: gritty, full of life, and unpredictably electric.

### About Clarence Tilton

So, who's Clarence Tilton? Well, if you're askin', you're seriously missing out on some of the best-kept secrets of the alt-country universe. These folks deliver songs that bleed authenticity and shout Nebraska down to their marrow. But let's not mistake 'em for just another local act – they've got a resonance that carries far beyond the plains.

Clarence Tilton, named after an ancestor of one of the band members (how's that for roots?), they're the real deal when it comes to storytelling through music. They might not have the shiny trophies sittin' on their mantelpiece just yet, but anyone who's seen them live will tell you they're worth their salt times ten. From the groovin' bass lines to the lyrics that hit right in the feels, they're a band whose live show is more of a happening than a performance.

You'll laugh, you might cry, and heck, you might even find y'self singin' along to songs you never knew before. That's the magic of Clarence Tilton; they make every gig feel like you're a part of somethin' mighty special.

### The Waiting Room Lounge - NE Information

Now, 'bout The Waiting Room Lounge – it's as iconic as Omaha's love for a juicy Reuben. Plunked right in the heart of Benson, this gem of a spot's seen more rising stars than a clear night sky in the country. With a rep for hosting some of the best live shows in the Midwest, it's got charm and character in spades, not to mention it's pretty easy to find, sitting there on Maple Street waiting for the next big shindig.

Inside, it's got this cozy feel that's gets ya relaxin' even before the first chord is struck. The acoustics? Like someone fine-tuned the room itself. And let's not skip the bar – stocked with choices that'll have you mulling over what to sip on next. The Waiting Room is a place where memories are crafted, right alongside those mean guitar riffs.

### Ticket Information

Alright, folks, here's the real skinny on snaggin' your spot at this must-not-miss event. The box office at The Waiting Room is sure to have folks lining up, but who wants to take the gamble on the day-of when you're dealing with something this epic?

No sirree, your far better bet is to mosey on over to Ticket Squeeze. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, their prices are as tempting as pie on a windowsill, not to mention the fees are so low you’ll double-check you're not dreamin’. It’s a no-brainer for scooping up those resale tickets to witness the grandeur of Clarence Tilton live.

Don’t dilly-dally, now. Those tickets have a way of vanishin’ quicker than a plate of hot wings at happy hour. So scoot on over, catch yourself a deal, and get ready to join the throng of true-blue music lovers. We’ll see you there – it's a night that promises to etch itself into your soul.

And hey, since you're already sold on a good time, why not make a beeline straight for Ticket Squeeze to secure your spot at The Waiting Room Lounge? Be quick, and get ready to revel in an experience that only a night like this can bring. See y’all at the show!

Clarence Tilton at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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