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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska

Icky Blossoms

Hey there, indie synth-rock enthusiasts!

Got plans for December 26th? Cancel 'em. Icky Blossoms is set to LIGHT UP The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, and YOU need to be there. It's not just a show; it's an immersive alt-beat explosion, one that will leave your pulse racing and your head spinning with their electrifying hits.

Picture it now: the dimmed lights, the first notes of "Babes" thrumming through the amp, that unmistakable vibe that only an Icky Blossoms show can deliver. They're bringing their A-game straight to our backyard in Nebraska, and it's gonna be a night to remember. Concerts like this don't happen every day, especially not with the band that's mastered the art of dropping sick beats with a visually stunning stage setup.

Feel that? It's your heart. It wants this, craves the raw, LIVE energy that comes from tracks like "Perfect Vision" and "Heat Lightning."

So, let's make it unforgettable. Snag your tickets, join the tribe, and let's send off December with the ultimate bash. Be there or be square, friends.

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### Concert Summary

Hey there, fellow music lover! Listen up 'cause I've got some hot news that'll get you pumped up right in the middle of the holiday vibes. Our very own electrifying group Icky Blossoms is set to light up the stage at The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska. That's right – on December 26, 2023, you're invited to shake off that post-Christmas calm and dive headfirst into a whirlwind of synth-pop ecstasy!

Icky Blossoms' concerts are, no joke, a full-on sensory explosion. We're talking vibrant visuals that pair flawlessly with thumping bass lines and beats that refuse to quit. This isn't just a gig; it's an artful experience where electro-pop meets visceral performance. Expect to be drenched in pulsing lights, hypnotic graphics, and an energy that grabs you by the soul. Imagine the dance floor – and yeah, there's gonna be dancing – it's gonna be like the New Year's came early!

### About Icky Blossoms

Okay, for those not in the loop, Icky Blossoms is like the brainchild of synth-wizardry and killer indie vibes. We've seen them evolve, drop some seriously catchy tunes, and put on shows that stick in your memory like that one summer night you never want to end. They've even rubbed shoulders with the big names at festivals, plastered their tunes on the Billboard charts, and had their tracks spinning in the edgiest of coffee shops and clubs.

Their live show? It's nothing short of mesmerizing. Lead vocals that alternate between haunting and gutsy, electrified grooves that you can't resist, and a stage presence so infectious it should probably come with a warning label. The band cranks up the intimacy to 11, making every concert feel like you're part of an exclusive club where the music's always fresh and the nights never dull.

### The Waiting Room Lounge - NE Information

Alright, now let's spill some deets about the venue – The Waiting Room Lounge. It's nestled right in the heart of Omaha's historic Benson neighborhood, where the cool kids roam, and the craft brews flow. This spot's got some serious cred for offering up gigs that are both intimate and explosive.

Decked out with a bar that's always stocked and a vibe that's equal parts gritty and polished, The Waiting Room is where you go to feel the heartbeat of Omaha's live music scene. The walls are practically steeped in stories from gigs past – some might say it's the beating heart of the local culture. And best of all? It's cozy enough that you might close your show with a friendly high-five from the performers.

### Ticket Information

You still with me? 'Cause here comes the important part – the tickets! They're piping hot and ready for picking, but you're gonna want to move fast 'cause seats at The Waiting Room Lounge don't gather dust. Sure, you could roll up to the box office, hoping for the best, but let's not rely on luck, huh?

The primo spot to snag those golden tickets is with Ticket Squeeze. You know why? 'Cause they're serving up those low prices with even lower fees that'll have you feeling like you just scored the deal of the century. Seriously, if you wanna see your cash stretch, Ticket Squeeze is where the magic happens.

So what are you waiting for? December 26 isn't that far off, and Icky Blossoms aren't known for leaving a quiet room behind. Head over to Ticket Squeeze, clickety-click that purchase button, and prep yourself for a night where the music, the lights, and the people are all shouting, "This is life!" You're not just buying a ticket; you're unlocking an experience that'll end your year on the shiniest note possible. See ya there, party people!

Icky Blossoms at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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