Litfrank at Waiting Room Lounge

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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska


Get ready to UNLEASH your spirit, Omaha! Litfrank is bringing their electric vibes to The Waiting Room Lounge on March 2, 2024 – a night where melodies fuse with memories.

If you haven't felt the pulse of Litfrank's beats LIVE, you're missing out on more than just music. Imagine the BASS dropping – feels like time stops, right? Yeah. It's that INTENSE.

“Rift in Echoes” and “Neon Dreams” will carry you on a wave of euphoria – trust me, these anthems hit different under the glow of stage lights. Hearing "Harmonic Dissonance" with a crowd of kindred spirits? Pure goosebumps.

Their synergy on stage? Unrivaled. The energy? CONTAGIOUS. Every drumbeat, every riff transcends you to a place you only dreamed music could take you.

Tickets? Snag them. Friends? Informed. March 2nd? Saved. It's more than a gig - it's a gathering where Litfrank's best SHATTERS silence.

Don't let this be the concert you HEAR about later. Be there. Feel the ENERGY. Snap up your tickets NOW – before they VANISH. #LitfrankLive

Hip hop music is a way of life for most of you, you may be a rapper in you own right! Seeing the sickest beats flying from the stage in a mosh of excited rap fans, it is something so intensely magnetic! So are you or are you not searching for he favorite rap shows to go see this spring? You know 2024 will be WAY better with events booked in...theres nothing like looking forward to a decent night of hip hop and rap! Well if you didn't already get the memo....Litfrank will be stopping in Nebraska, Omaha on Saturday 2nd March 2024 AND word has it that it'll be the biggest night of rap this year! Litfrank will come to the awesome The Waiting Room Lounge of Nebraska, Omaha, this is set to be a huge Saturday evening for all hip hop fans in March so ensure that you bag your tickets before they're all snapped up! We can facilitate the whole process if you click the 'GET TICKETS' icon you'll find on this page!

Litfrank at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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