Skeez at Waiting Room Lounge

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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska


Hey Omaha Peeps! Hold on tight! Skeez is ROCKING The Waiting Room Lounge on Nov 14, 2023. Oh, boy! It’s a sonic BOOM tour you just can't miss!

Experience the ELECTRIC live show vibe, Skeez's mind-MELTING multi-instrumentalism, and hair-raisingly honest lyrical brilliance. Ever danced to their greatest hit, "Euphoria Skyline"? It’s an earworm, ain’t it? Here’s your chance to sing it LOUD, y'all!

See the BAND that’s got the world buzzing. A heart-STOPPING mix of fiery rock with a splash of soul. Exhilarating, edgy, and heartwarming - a crazy combo you won’t forget!

Nothing compares to the raw magic of live music, right? The pulse of pure SOUND. The collective vibe, the shared joy – PERFECTION.

LIMITED tickets available, guys. So, what are you waiting for? Live the experience, feel the BEAT. Come JOIN the party and be part of the LEGEND. Grab your tickets NOW! Let's make it a night to remember.

The Waiting Room Lounge has made a name for itself for its R&B events. Everyone in and around Omaha and Nebraska recognizes and anticipates Skeez. The Waiting Room Lounge does not disappoint and invites to celebrated entertainers The immense stage is perfectly illuminated, allowing every concert goer to get aperfect glimpse of the activities. The sound surround also allows every concert attendee to hear and enjoy the clarity of the music while comfortably sitting in plush seats that The Waiting Room Lounge generously offers. Hurry and order your seats while the tickets last! Below is the ‘get tickets’ button. Clicking on it will launch the ticket buying process. Follow the cues to reserve your ticket!

Skeez at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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