This website is an independent guide and not affiliated with 1% Productions or Waiting Room Lounge. We link to authenticated resale tickets for all upcoming events at the The Waiting Room Lounge. All tickets are genuine. Please view our Disclaimer page.

If you love live concert music, then you need to visit the Waiting Room Lounge. This venue is known as one of the best rock concert venues in Omaha and it’s ebay to see why. With their state-of-the-art music systems and acoustics as well as owning the city’s large rock concert stage, you’re in for an experience that will blow your mind. There’s always something exciting going down at the Waiting Room Lounge.

But tickets start selling out as soon as they go on sale and that means that you might miss out if you wait too long. But this website makes it easy to keep up to date on what’s-on-stage at the Waiting Room Lounge. And when you find the show that you want to see, then you can order tickets for your and your party so you can slide right on in on opening night!

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