Waiting Room Lounge Seating Chart

Most Waiting Room Lounge events have an expected capacity for 400+ spectators and fans. During packed events, these fans will take seats around the venue, including tables, at the bar, in booths, or in the wide-open dance area near the front of the stage. As you can guess, this means that what seating is available is first come, first serve, so you’ll want to get there early if you require seating during the concert, show, or event.

Because the venue is general admission, there may not be ADA-approved seating available. However, the venue staff may be able to help with accommodations if you call them. Please make sure you call them at least two (2) weeks ahead of the show’s start time so they can best assist you.

If you have questions regarding the venue’s policy for accessibility seating or any necessary accommodations, please call the venue at (402) 884-5353 .

NOTE: The Waiting Room Lounge may put on events that require slightly different seating arrangements. When selecting your tickets, always check the specific seating chart map for your event.

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