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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska


Alyeska's Back From Nash Show! Featuring Virgin Mary Pistol Grip, Beast Eagle and more! Experience the sensation of Alyeska live at The Waiting Room Lounge on Saturday, June 8th, 2024, in Omaha, Nebraska. With tickets starting from just $34, this is an event you won't want to miss.

Alyeska is renowned for their entertaining performances and their hit song "Starving For Friends", which has been well-received and prized. Their most recent release is generating buzz, and now is your chance to see them LIVE!

This concert guarantees a unique experience, ideal for all fans of excellent live music. Grab your space and join a night filled with brilliant music and energy. Don't wait. Click the 'Get tickets' button now and be part of a legendary evening with Alyeska. Make sure you’re there to experience this rising band performing live! Get your tickets today!

Alyeska's Back From Nash Show!

Come experience the exciting Alyeska's Back From Nash Show! in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, 8th June 2024, at The Waiting Room Lounge. This epic concert promises to be a night full of energizing indie-rock performances featuring gifted bands like Virgin Mary Pistol Grip and Beast Eagle. Do not miss this one-of-a-kind event with exceptional music that'll leave you asking for more.


Alyeska has recently made waves in the indie-rock scene, lauded for their impressive tunes and artful lyrics. The band's most known songs include "Stones" and tracks from their well-received Crush EP. They are touted as up-and-comers by the world and fans alike. The recent news reveals Alyeska's fresh single "Stones" features on Unsatisfied Records, offering a superb listening experience. Alyeska continues to gather acclaim and a loyal following with every performance and release.

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip brings unique energy and style to the stage. Their music collection includes hit tracks that have resonated with many rock fans. Although not much is known about their recent projects, their past works affirm their reputation as strong live performers. Be prepared for an exceptional set that will undoubtedly contribute to the evening's extremely charged atmosphere.

Beast Eagle

Beast Eagle is another standout name on the lineup, famous for their exciting rock performances. With hits that have consistently taken the rock charts by storm, they are a band you won't want to miss. Their most recent releases have kept fans on their toes, craving more of their signature sound. Beast Eagle is set to deliver a show that will leave a lasting impression on all fans.

The Waiting Room Lounge Information

Located at 6212 Maple St, Omaha, Nebraska, The Waiting Room Lounge is famous for putting on various music events, making it an exemplary venue for Alyeska's Back From Nash Show! The venue boasts impressive sound system, enabling an excellent musical experience for all members of the audience. With a seating capacity that comfortably holds many concert-goers, it provides a cozy yet lively setting. The staff's friendly and accommodating nature ensures a pleasurable time. For any more information or inquiries, contact The Waiting Room Lounge directly.

Ticket Information

Tickets are currently from $34, offering a very accessible entry to an evening of incredible live music. We highly encourage you to obtain your tickets from the secure and reliable online marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. Given the growing excitement around the event, tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Click the "Get tickets" button now and reserve your space before it's too late. don't delay - availability is limited, and you definitely do not want to miss this eventful night!

Alyeska at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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