Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball at Waiting Room Lounge

Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball Tickets

The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska

Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball

Hey there, dark souls and rebels against the red and pink fluff of February – have I got a plan for YOU. The legendary Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball is set to rip through The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska. This ain’t your typical cupid affair. Think darker. Moodier.

Saturday, February 10, 2024, save the DATE! We’re talking a kingdom of brooding beats and basslines that’ll resonate with the deepest corners of your non-conformist heart. Swap roses for riffs and serenades for a soundtrack that OWNS the night.

Live shows? They don't just play music; they BREATHE it. Incandescent energy. Crowd vibes that could raise the undead. You’ll be amongst kin, swaying to the greatest hits that have had us thrashing and yearning for more.

Love ballads? Nah. We deal in ANTHEMS. Anthems that rip through your soul and leave echo. Your pulse will sync with every strum, every drop of the beat.

Feeling this? Then don’t just sit there. Get those tickets. Join us where hearts beat BLACK.

Be there. Or be forever haunted by the would-have-been. Tickets? Selling FAST. Grab yours. Now.

### Concert Summary

Yo, have you heard? There's this absolutely wicked show coming up in Omaha at The Waiting Room Lounge – NE that you just can't miss. I'm talking about the Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball on February 10, 2024, and let me tell you, it's gonna be the kind of night that blows up your usual Valentine’s sapfest. Instead of sappy love songs, get ready for a heart-thumping, eardrum-busting live music concert where the genre is all about shredding the lovey-dovey script to bits.

You'll be surrounded by fellow music lovers who are ready to scream, mosh, and headbang their anti-Valentine feelings into oblivion. The performers? They totally kill it live, with their raw energy that just grabs you by the soul and doesn't let go until the final encore. They’ve rocked stages, earned their battle scars in the music trenches, and have the kind of charisma that could turn heartbreak into a mosh pit. Trust me, this is an experience your ears will thank you - or maybe curse you - for later!

### About Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball

Oh boy, the Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball isn’t just a concert - it's a freakin' movement. It’s for all of us who are over the whole red roses and romance racket. The performers are a lineup of anti-love song warriors, bands that have made a name for themselves by flipping the script on traditional love songs and serving up tunes that hit where it hurts - in a good way, of course. They're like the outlaws of Valentine's Day, here to rescue you from the onslaught of cupid's arrows and cheesy Hallmark cards.

These artists have toured the country, they’ve got fans that'll follow them to the ends of the earth, and their live shows are legendary for the pure, unadulterated passion they bring to the stage. If your heart is just a little bit black this Valentine’s season, this ball is the perfect antidote to the love overdose happening everywhere else.

### The Waiting Room Lounge - NE Information

Now, let's talk about The Waiting Room Lounge – NE. This place is not just any old concert venue; it's a beacon for live music in Omaha. It's nestled right in the heart of the city - oh, the irony during Valentine’s – known for its fantastic acoustics and the intimate atmosphere that makes every concert feel like a private serenade of rebellious anthems.

The Waiting Room has a rep for being the spot where the best shows go down. The bar serves up drinks that'll make your taste buds sing harder than the headliner, and there's always a vibe of camaraderie in the air, as if everyone who walks through those doors becomes part of one big, music-loving family.

### Ticket Information

Alright, you’re amped up now, right? Chomping at the bit to get your hands on those tickets? Well, you could try your luck at the box office, but why play games when you know you want in on this epic night? The hottest, most ridiculously wallet-friendly tickets are over at Ticket Squeeze. Their prices aren't just low; they're like "Is this for real?" low, and their fees? So tiny, you'll barely notice 'em.

Don't wait until the last second and end up heartbroken 'cause it sold out. C’mon, nobody needs that kind of irony. Hop onto Ticket Squeeze, claim your spot in the rebellion, and prepare to have a night that’ll make those sappy Valentine’s plans look like child’s play.

And there you have it, folks. If your heart’s itching for something different this Valentine’s season, come join the tribe as we turn heartbreak into head bangs! Get your tickets now and be a part of the Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball. Let’s make some noise and have a night that will be immortalized in the annals of anti-romance! Go grab your ticket and let’s freaking do this!

Anti-Valentines Black Heart Ball at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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