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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska


Unlock an thrilling evening at The Waiting Room Lounge, where Oxymorrons are set to revolutionize the stage on Thursday, 23rd May 2024. Blending alternative rock with hip hop in a way that's captured audiences nationwide, and tickets starting at just $38, you're on the brink of witnessing the explosive energy that brought us anthems like "Hello Me" and "Green Vision."

Revel in the creativity that earned them spots on tours with notable names and stages at major festivals. The chance to see Oxymorrons light up the night is rare, and with limited seats, every moment you wait could be a lost opportunity. Be a part of this exceptional experience by securing your spot. Click that 'buy tickets' button and prepare for a concert that promises to be the highlight of your year.

Omaha's live music scene is about to witness an electrifying night as the genre-defying band Oxymorrons takes center stage at the famous Waiting Room Lounge. Get set for a night of pure energy and entertaining music on Thursday, 23rd May 2024. Fans can expect to dive into a setlist filled with Oxymorrons' latest hits and fan favorites - a tour de force of their commendable musical journey.


Originating from Queens, New York, Oxymorrons have made a noticeable mark in the rap rock genre, fusing songs with hard-hitting lyrics. Fronted by brothers Demi "Deee" and Kami "KI" alongside energetic drummer Matty Mayz and the versatile Jafe Paulino, they continually shatter musical boundaries. With the recent release of their debut album "Melanin Punk" and gripping new singles such as "Graveyard Words," Oxymorrons continues to redefine the scene. Their latest tour has brought them into the limelight, gaining traction with notable collaborations and guest appearances, which have further solidified their place in the music industry.

The Waiting Room Lounge Information

The Waiting Room Lounge stands as a beacon for incredible live music experiences in Omaha, Nebraska. Known for its diverse lineup and impeccable surround sound, the venue guarantees an exceptional night for concertgoers. Hosting up to 7 shows weekly, the lounge adapts to cater all ages, with specific policies ensuring a safe environment for younger fans. While the specific amenities and seating capacities are best verified directly with the venue, their history of hosting amazing concerts speaks for itself. Patrons are encouraged to reach out to the venue for any inquiry, promising a hassle-free and engaging show experience.

Ticket Information

Secure your spot at the Oxymorrons concert by snagging your tickets through Ticket Squeeze. Click the "buy tickets" button to purchase from a trusted marketplace that assures you won't miss the chance to rock out with the Oxymorrons. Tickets are selling quickly and with prices as affordable as $38, delay is not advised.

Oxymorrons at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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