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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska

Ruston Kelly

Hey Ruston Kelly fans! 🤘 Mark your calendars – our fav troubadour is hitting The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha on April 4, 2024. FEEL the grit and soul of his music like never before.

You’ve streamed his hits, now experience them LIVE. Heartfelt ballads. Rockin' melodies. This show's got it all. Imagine vibing to the raw honesty of "Mockingbird" and the poignant "Dying Star" with fellow fans. Pure magic, right?

The Waiting Room Lounge is the PERFECT intimate venue to connect with Ruston's music. It’s like he’s playing just for YOU. Plus, we all know nothing beats that electric energy of a live gig – the strumming, the vocals, the crowd… it’s unbeatable!

Don’t miss out on an evening where each chord tells a story, and each lyric tugs at your heartstrings. Ready to be a part of it?

Grab your tickets NOW. Join the emotion, be part of the story. This ain’t just a concert, it’s a MEMORY in the making.

🎟️ Click, book, and let’s get LOST in the music together! 🎵🖤 #RustonKellyLive


Alright, listen up folks! Are you ready to have your emotion strings plucked and your soul kinda stirred in ways you only tell your closest friends about? Well, mark your calendars, 'cause Ruston Kelly is coming to rock The Waiting Room Lounge - NE right here in Omaha, and you're gonna wanna be a part of this intimate chaos of sound and truth.

This ain't just another concert – it's Ruston Kelly, people! So what to expect? Well, ever been in a sea of people where everyone's kinda locked into the same heartache and revelry? That's the magic Ruston Kelly serves up. His blend of Americana, alt-country and, dare I say, a dash of punk spirit reaches down into the dark corners of life and lifts you up with a dose of gritty poetry. It's music you feel in your boots and your bones. If you're into honest lyrics that stick to the ribs and melodies that haunt you for days, you're in for a treat.

About Ruston Kelly

Now, let me tell you about Ruston Kelly. This dude isn't just hopping on stage to play a couple tunes and then dip out. Nah, he brings the kinda performance that feels like a conversation with an old friend who's seen some stuff, you know? With his guitar as his confidant, Ruston spills his guts and stories of love, loss, and longing in the most beautiful, wretched way.

And let's not forget, the man has chops! He's penned songs for Tim McGraw and the legend himself, Chris Cornell. Plus, his album "Dying Star"? Critics say it's killer and fans? We just say it hurts so good. Live shows are like peeling back the layers of Ruston's soul onstage and it's raw, it's real, it's... well, kinda unpredictable.

The Waiting Room Lounge - NE Information

Now, if you haven't been to The Waiting Room Lounge - NE, you're missing out, my friend. Nestled up in the heartbeat of Omaha, this venue's got a vibe that's electric and cozy all at once. It’s like your favorite dive bar decided to pump iron and expand its horizons. Beers flow, the staff is friendlier than your neighbor's dog, and the acoustics? They're on point.

Plus, The Waiting Room is part of Omaha's Benson neighborhood. We're talking local eats, brews, and a spirit that just screams community. Grab a bite or a drink before the show and make an evening of it, 'cause this is the spot where memories are made. The venue's reputation? Stellar. And the concert experience? Downright unforgettable.

Ticket Information

Okay, real talk – tickets. You want 'em, I want 'em, we all want 'em. Now, while there's always the box office route, if you're looking to snag tickets without selling your left kidney for fees, check out Ticket Squeeze. Low prices, low fees, and none of that, "Oops, your ticket's a fake" nonsense.

You could try your luck holding out for a deal, but why risk missing out on this soul-shaking event? You know the drill: the early bird catches the worm or, in this case, the epic show. So, if "last-minute" is your middle name, it's time for a rebrand, 'cause you're not gonna want to sleep on this.

Let's not beat around the bush here. Ruston Kelly's coming, The Waiting Room is ready to roll out the red carpet, and Ticket Squeeze is holding the golden ticket. It's like all the stars are aligned for one wild, emotional night of music that feels more like therapy with a soundtrack.

Grab your tickets, grab your friends, and for the love of all things good and twangy, don't let this chance slip away. It's not just a concert – it's one of those moments that'll burn bright in your memory, like a stubborn ember from a long-gone fire. Don't be the one hearing about it the next day with nothing but FOMO to keep you company. Get your tickets and get ready; this is gonna be one for the books. See y'all at The Waiting Room!

Ruston Kelly at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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