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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska

Sham 69

Prepare to get swept up in the whirlwind of gritty punk anthems as Sham 69 storms into Omaha! This isn't just another night—on Thursday, June 20th, 2024, the iconic walls of The Waiting Room Lounge are destined to resonate with the unbridled spirit of punk rock.

From the group that gifted the world with tireless classics like "If the Kids Are United" and "Hersham Boys," this concert promises to be an captivating celebration of their legendary sound and indomitable spirit. Sham 69's trailblazing legacy continues to ripple through the punk scene, revered for their relentless energy and tracks that have become battle cries for generations.

Tickets are starting at a mere $52—just a small price for a reverberating journey into punk history. Whether you're a lifelong fan or a newcomer seeking the real roar of punk rock, this is where you pledge your allegiance to the raw vitality of Sham 69.

Mark your calendars, gather your crew, and Prepare yourself for a night stirred with the adrenaline of unruly songs and defiant lyrics. Click the 'buy tickets' button now for an encounter with true punk royalty. This is more than music; it's a rite of passage. Secure your spot and witness punk rock history in the making!

Come one, come all! Sham 69, the standard bearers of British punk, are set to incite a raucous evening of high-energy punk songs at The Waiting Room Lounge on Thursday 20th June 2024. This is not just another Night – it's a evidence to punk's enduring sprit. Concertgoers can expect the air to crackle with the real sounds of rebellion, as hallmark tracks that have echoed through generations are played live. Remember, it's not just music—it's a rallying cry for punks old and new.

Sham 69

Sham 69, venerable punk rock icons, will storm the stage with their uncompromising sound. Fronted by the legendary Jimmy Pursey, whose career spans an remarkable four decades, Sham 69 brings the raw spirit of punk to Omaha. The band is famous for their charged live performances and anthemic tracks like "If the Kids Are United" and "Hersham Boys," which are sure to feature. Having inspired an era and beyond, securing a solid punk legacy, Sham 69's presence is a not-to-miss event for any music enthusiast seeking an authentic punk experience.

The Waiting Room Lounge Information

situated in the middle of Omaha's exciting music scene, The Waiting Room Lounge, is your go-to destination for excellent concerts with a storied history of hosting powerhouse performances. Acclaimed for its cozy atmosphere that brings fans and music together, this venue guarantees an thrilling experience where the community can connect through the power of live music. To inquire about more such memorable nights and details, reach out to the venue directly, and parttake in the pulsating middle of Omaha's cultural beat.

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Don't miss out on this seminal concert experience – secure your spot in the crowd by getting your tickets from Ticket Squeeze! With prices starting at a mere $52, a night of punk rock history awaits you. By hitting the "buy tickets" button, you'll access a secure marketplace and ensure that you're part of the crowd roaring along to the hits of a generation. This is one event where you don't want to be the one hearing about it after – you want to be in the thick of it when the thrilling chords of Sham 69 strike.

Sham 69 at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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