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The Waiting Room Lounge - NE | Omaha, Nebraska

The White Buffalo

Ladies and Gentlemen, Are you ready for a live music extravaganza as The White Buffalo storms into The Waiting Room Lounge, Omaha, on Tuesday 16th July 2024! An evening where gritty storytelling meets raw strings, experience the masterful Jake Smith in a breathtaking performance that promises to steal your heart and stir your soul.

With an arsenal of hits like "The Whistler," "Wish It Was True," and the anthemic "Oh Darlin' What Have I Done," The White Buffalo brings a discography peppered with fan favorites and cinematic tracks that have honoured hit TV shows and films. His powerful narratives and soul-piercing lyrics have earned him a dedicated following and critical acclaim in the realms of Pop and Rock.

Witness the depth of indie-rock fusion live in Nebraska, where every note and lyric will echo the brute emotions of life and the rugged beauty of the American West. Don’t miss your chance to see The White Buffalo's musical craftsmanship on display. Tickets are selling fast, so be swift to secure your spot. Let the spellbinding tunes captivate you—click the 'buy tickets' button now and join us for a truly extraordinary night.

On Tuesday, 16th July 2024, the well known singer-songwriter The White Buffalo will render Omaha, Nebraska musical with his deep baritone and evocative storytelling at The Waiting Room Lounge. Amid the stir of excitement, concertgoers will be surrounded by in an atmosphere charged with the stirring sounds of his latest album, "Year of the Dark Horse," as well as timeless hits. The acoustic alchemy that enraptures fans time and again will be intense, as the hum of expectancy for an exceptional evening of rock and folk tunes courses through the air.

The White Buffalo

For fans and new converts alike, the stage will alight with the enigmatic presence of the American baritone, Jake Smith, known as The White Buffalo. Acclaimed for crafting narratives that resonate deep within the listener's soul, his music stands as a proof of the power of song. Bearing an Emmy nomination and having graced soundtracks of celebrated shows like 'The Punisher,' his presence in Omaha is an eagerly-anticipated gift to the ears. His latest concept album has been lauded for its raw passion and craft, marking another sterling achievement in a career that has carved a niche in the hearts of admirers across the USA. As his reverberating chords strum, fans will be taken on a journey through love, introspection, and redemption.

The Waiting Room Lounge Information

The Waiting Room Lounge, a cornerstone of Omaha's lively music scene, beckons with its storied history of hosting brilliant concerts. The venue's character is unmatched, situated in the pulsating heart of the Benson area, accommodating around 500 guests in an friendly yet energetic setting. Patrons of The Waiting Room know it as the locale where they can witness musical brilliance within arm's reach. Those in search of information about the venue's amenities are encouraged to reach out directly to ensure a seamless concert experience.

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For fans eager to ensconce themselves in The White Buffalo's profoundly moving performance, tickets are a coveted gem. To secure your passage to this not-to-be-missed event, make your way to Ticket Squeeze, your reliable portal for authentic tickets. By clicking the "buy tickets" button, your investment in a night charged with the potent strains of hits like "Love Song #3" and "Not Today" is assured. With each ticket, patrons are not only purchasing a seat but also engraving an indelible memory of music that moves, challenges, and invigorates. Don't hesitate—grasp this opportunity and join us for a night that promises to echo in your recollections for years to come.

The White Buffalo at The Waiting Room Lounge - NE

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